It's quite easy to contact me.

Whatever you may need, you can write or call me, but it may be better if you drop me an e-mail or text me because I usually don't have much time to answer immediately.

ATTENTION: if you're calling me with hidden caller id you won't be answered. I know it's rude and I know sometimes you can do nothing about it, but I'm receiving lots of such calls, and most of the times they're from call-centers or other time-wasting sources. If you don't get answered, check your id is not being hidden. If you can't do otherwise, you can text me or even better send me an e-mail.

ATTENTION: I'm not hiring. If you still want to send me your résumé, be my guest, I appreciate it and you can rest assured I read each single one of them, but I'm not "a company" nor "an agency" nor whatever. Not yet, at least. I'm a freelance and I work whenever I can, and I'm sure I can't pay another person—not to mention that sometimes I can't even pay myself :-)

Download my vCard with all my contact information.